Who We Are

Guydo Consulting was founded by Gregory Guydo as an information technology firm dedicated to assisting government agencies in solving their most complex IT challenges. Our strong reputation, diverse skillsets, and the passions/interests of our team enabled us to expand into the graphic design and intelligence specialties as well.  Our business continues to thrive thanks to the dedicated and passionate women and men who make up our Guydo Family.

How We're Different

While others invest heavily in expensive corporate offices and pursue aggressive growth strategies, we invest heavily in our people and pursue opportunities aligned with the passions and interests of our team.  Our capable leaders are personable, accessible, supportive, and decisive when needed.  As a member of our family – know that you’re voice matters and you will be counted on by our leadership team.

Core Values

Giving Back

When people think of giving back, they typically envision charitable contributions. While these absolutely fit the description, our company and people contribute to many different types of "communities". Whether it is sharing lessons learned with another team or client, contributing a clever slice of code to the open source development community, volunteering at a local event, or contributing financially to a cause or organization, giving back is a key value at Guydo Consulting.

Honesty and Integrity

At Guydo Consulting, we are nothing without our word. Our partners and clients hire us because they know they will get honest feedback every time, even when it is not the easy answer. Pride in our word drives us in our company and people, during business hours and beyond.

Inherent Accountability

Accountability comes in many forms. It can be demanded, requested, expected, or given. "Inherent Accountability" comes from within, and drives our people to be accountable for everything they do. Mere involvement leads to a feeling of accountability at Guydo Consulting, and drives us to deliver on every task, no matter its size.

Informed Innovation

Innovation by itself can be very successful. However, we find the best innovation comes from knowledge of the present and past, and understanding the path that led to the present provides invaluable knowledge in charting the future. Always looking forward while keeping an eye on the rear view mirror leads to innovative results with the solid foundation of the past built in.

Action Driven Results

At Guydo Consulting, the ability to communicate is important. But communication is not enough, as our results are driven by our actions, not our words. When a person walks away, they rarely will be remembered by their words, but their actions will be remembered long after.

Motivation from Within

We believe motivation is not something that should be requested, but driven by the company and its people - each and every one. Motivating one's self to continue to learn, to deliver the best every time, and do so with integrity and accountability is a key driver to success.